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We trim damaged trees and those trees that need better air circulation

If your tree is beyond trimming we will cut and remove the damaged tree

Did another tree service leave a stump behind?We can help.

If disease has over taken a part of your tree, we will do our best help cure and contain  common tree diseases possible.

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Greensboro Tree Experts is a locally owned tree company that has been helping the community of Greensboro, Jamestown, and High Point for a couple of years now. We major in commercial and residential tree removal and tree-trimming services. We do our best to satisfy our present and future customers in the area. You can get professional tree services in Greensboro by hiring us today. NACIS/SIC Code 561730, OSHA Tree Service Codes
Our emergency service is available twenty-four hours a day. From hurricanes, extreme thunderstorms, tornados, and even the random trees that fall at the most unexpected time, the Greensboro Tree services team will work to remove fallen trees fast and competently.

No job is too remote, too big, too small, or too tall for our experienced workers. By offering quality, superior service at reasonable rates, we hope you will select Greensboro Tree Experts to deliver all your tree service and care needs.

We are sure you will be satisfied from the first call to the completion of your tree care project. At Greensboro Tree Experts, your gratification is the foundation of our business. Contact us now.

Why Us?

We are Equipped

It is challenging to perform a task with improper equipment. It requires more than a chainsaw and pick-up to complete a tree removal task flawlessly. Greensboro Tree Experts owns and operates sophisticated and modern equipment. We have loaders, grapple trucks, stump grinders, bucket trucks, cranes and much more. You can be sure that we will come to your residence appropriately prepared.

We are Experienced

Tree care and tree removal is a serious task and needs sufficient skills and experience. We only have experienced staffs. All tree technicians on our team of workers possess a minimum of three years of climbing trees and additional two years working as a ground man. We have more integrated experience than any other tree service company in the Triad.

We are Affordable

We are aware that the cost plays a significant role when choosing a company to assist you with your tree removal and care services. Apart from us being one of the most affordable companies around, we are also the best. We offer the best rates in the area apart from giving our clients a free consultation.

We are Knowledgeable

Our team of professionals is always ready to provide you with their expertise and knowledge to diagnose your sick trees. When it comes to treating and removing trees from your compound, knowledge is paramount.

In some situations, a homeowner may just not be pleased by the look of various trees on their landscape and want to eliminate them. No matter your reason for removing trees from your property, you will need to hire expert tree removal services like Greensboro Tree Experts to complete the task. For a couple of decades now, Greensboro Tree Experts has serviced Greensboro, Jamestown and High Point offering business owners and homeowners unique and unrivaled total tree care service.

Established on the foundation of providing consumers with useful tree care info and professional service, we have developed strong customer care. We often attend tree expos and conferences to ensure that we are up to date with the latest technology and practices in the world. We also boast the most skilled and proficient staff in the area.

The following are services that Greensboro Tree Services offers:

Tree Removal Service

When a tree takes its toll and left uncared for a long time, it often rots on its own. When this occurs, it may pose more harm than good in any homestead or community. Just picture this situation: Your kids and their friends are playing under a huge tree situated at the community park. Abruptly, you hear a gush and see a massive branch of the tree fall on the ground. Your children are nowhere in the scene. What do you think transpired to them? Yes! The large branches of trees are life-threatening. The once beautiful trees can turn out to be a danger to your family and society. Therefore, before your children and the society suffer terrible injuries or worse, die due to the wounds from the wanting trees, you need to call Greensboro Tree Experts. Our certified staff are insured and bonded to provide tree removal services in Greensboro.

The following are signs to look out for to assess whether your trees needs removal:

  • Crowded soil under the canopy and at the base of the trunk
  • Decay-producing fungi (e.g., mushroom) growing under the trunk
  • Peeling or chipped cracks and bark in the trunk
  • Large scaffold branches or cavities in the trunk
  • Hanging or dead branches in the upper crown
  • Fine twigs with dead buds near the end of the branches


Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

In some scenarios, even after a tree has fallen off its place or cut off, you will realize that the tree stamp remains for a prolonged period. This little part of the tree trunk is trapped in the roots of the ground where the tree grew once. There are few cases where trees regenerate out of these stumps while they do not exist in other cases. It is essential to remove stumps to clear space for growing other trees.

Whatever the motive behind the considerable stump in your homestead, Greensboro Tree Experts, can remove it easily and quickly. We provide stump removal & stump grinding services to commercial and residential customers on the basis of their requirements. Our team of experts will have your homestead looking beautiful again before you realize it.

Why You Need to Dump the Stump

Removing an unappealing stump from your homestead can wholly change the way your landscape appears. If you are anticipating putting your house on sale in the future, it is essential to remove the stumps because a clean yard attracts customers by adding a curb appeal. Stumps always pose a danger because both adults and kids can trip over them and get hurt if they are not paying attention. When mowing your lawn, the tree stumps can also hinder your smooth mowing.


Stump Removal Technique

Stump removal comprises the removal of the entire stump of the tree including the roots from the ground just as the name indicates. Removing the stump of the tree on your own can be a challenging procedure depending on the size and age of the tree. Therefore, you should hire us to remove the stump out entirely. In normal situations, as the tree grows, the root ball grows along with it. It is notable that the root ball expands significantly considering the large root sizes. The standard sizes of the root ball maybe about five to ten times the size of the tree. Our team first evaluates your tree removal to identify whether stump removal is achievable or if stump grinding is a much better option.


Stump Grinding Technique

Stump grinding is a straightforward procedure that gets rid of the remaining stump after cutting or removing the tree. When carrying out tree stump grinding, we first ground the stump by use of a stump grinder into small pieces. The small pieces are essential because you can use them as a ground cover or as mulch. We then ground down the stump below the surface of the ground, usually a few inches below, and then cover it with sod and dirt. After a period, the remaining stump and roots will rot and fertilize the surrounding ground.
Concerning the above techniques, it is essential to utilize stump grinding because apart from saving time, it is also much more economical. With the stump grinding method, you will not find a hole at the end of removing the stump. Therefore, it is always crucial to hire Greensboro Tree Experts since we know the techniques well and possess the right tools.

Tree Trimming

Trees require frequent maintenance, and commercial or residential tree trimming is a critical step in the process. Greensboro Tree Experts trims trees to lower the likelihood of power outages and safety hazards. Trimming trees allows them to grow to their maximum while ensuring that they are healthy and are free from any disease or dead limbs. One of the most notable damages from massive storms and winds is from weak limbs and trees that the weather has taken down.
Tree trimming service is a vital tool to help retain a tree’s natural appearance and sustain its health. Our team of professionals assesses your tree’s trimming requirements from diseases reduction to removal of weak limbs. Contact us today for a free consultation service.

Here are the signs that indicate it’s time to trim your trees:

    • The trees appearing too close to the power lines
    • The branches touching or too close to your house
    • The presence of loose, dead or unsightly hanging branches
    • If the trees have not been trimmed for more than three years

Scheduling a tree trimming with Greensboro Tree Experts means that a skilled staff will check and evaluate your trees and you will be offered an expert and honest advice on the best method to affirm the safety and health of your trees. Whether you require commercial tree trimming or residential tree trimming, there is no job too small or too big for us.


Tree Pest & Disease Management

Greensboro Tree Experts is unparalleled when it comes to tree pest and disease management in Greensboro. Our in-depth knowledge of the area enables us to stay ahead of dangerous pests and diseases that may injure or even kill your treasured assets. The following are the common pests and diseases to check out for in your homestead:

Emerald Ash Borer
EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) is a small pest that has caused significant damages. Since its debut in 2002 in the United States, our team of professionals has been looking for the best method to control these types of pests. The damages by EAB have already been felt in thirty states across the US. Greensboro Tree Experts’ objective is and has always been to save your ash trees. In some situations, EAB can be treated, but the most important thing is preventing the pests from affecting your ash trees.
After contacting us, our staff will assess the threat in your home and your ash trees. We will then recommend to you the best course of action for your particular situation. There are four types of Emerald Ash Borer treatment methods: canopy spray, trunk injection, soil injection, and bark spray.

Emerald Ash Borer EAB Treatment Options
The most common Emerald Ash Borer treatment methods we use are trunk injections and soil injections. Both methods deliver the product straight into the tree’s tissue, which is then equally distributed throughout the canopy. The injections aim at the larvae tunneling in the tree in order to stop the most destructive phase of the insect.
Canopy sprays are also utilized sometimes, and this helps in preventing adult borers from feeding and laying eggs. Systematic applications can preserve the environment. Nevertheless, the EAB treatment methods still vary on the number of trees you have and the treatment method utilized.

Japanese Beetles
The Japanese beetles are of no use, and you should not allow their brown halo trace deceive you. These beetles have wings and can penetrate their way through your landscape and trees comfortably. You can keep your shrubs and trees healthy this summer by following the following tips from us:

How do the Japanese Beetles affect your Trees?

During the warm and sunny days when the temperatures are more than 70 degrees Celsius, the Japanese beetles may swarm into your tree canopies. During the months of June through to August, the Japanese beetles are relentless as they feed on more than three hundred species of plants including crape, rose, little leaf linden, birch, myrtle, purple leaf plum, crabapple, Norway maples, and much more.

The Symptoms of Japanese Beetle Infestation
You should assess your plants for signs of skeletonizing; the parts where the Japanese beetles robustly chew and remove patches of leaf tissue between various veins. The damage may finally lead to premature leaf drop and sparse tree canopies. You should thus talk to us for further diagnosis.

Japanese Beetle Infestation Treatment
You can help prevent the damages caused by the Japanese beetles throughout the summer with some additional care. For instance, insecticide treatments can protect any new growth during peak activity. Contact us today for the ideal solution for your landscape and trees.

Scale Insects
The scale insects are highly modified and small animals that have little similarity to other insects. Due to their often cryptic appearance and small size, large numbers of the scale insects may be available in your homestead without you noticing.
While few scale insects may not cause significant harm, a large swarm of the insects may be harmful to the target plant. By carefully assessing your shrubs and trees, Greensboro Tree Experts can regularly catch a scale infestation during its early stages and take the necessary actions.

How do Scale Insects Damage your Trees?
The scale insects damage plants as they feed. Their threadlike and long mouthparts are typically inserted into the target plant and then utilized to draw plant sap from the tissues. The insects can suck many nutrients if they are available in large numbers, and the plant may in the process wither and due to nutrients deficiency.
Sugary waste product and large amounts of honeydew may cover the leaves and other parts situated under the scale infestation. Fungi known as ‘sooty mold’ may utilize the honeydew for food and then cover the sidewalks, leaves, or even other surfaces giving these areas a discolored appearance.

Categories of Scale Insects
Armored Scales
These emit a waxy and thick covering on their bodies and do not produce any honeydew. The covering alongside their own cast skins typically protects the insect from the contact pesticides as well as the environment. With this aspect, it makes it difficult to eliminate the scale insects with various insecticides after the formation of wax covering. These types of insects include oysreshell scale, pine needle scale, obscure scale, and euonymus scale.
Soft Scales
These emit excess sap as honeydew and may even produce wax. The wax is granular in nature and does not work as a protective barrier as in the case of armored scale. These insects comprise the Fletcher scale, magnolia scale, cottony maple scale, and lecanium scale.
There are various types of scale insects, and their life cycle varies. As a standard rule, the armored scales often spend the winter as mature females or egg stage. The eggs are situated under the waxy scale covers of the female scale insects. The eggs typically start hatching during early June or late May.

Signs and Symptoms of Soft Scales

      • Canopy Thinning
      • Branch dieback and premature leaf drop
      • Undersized and yellow-mottled leaves
      • Black leaves, sidewalks, and bark due to mold growth and soot

Lastly, our customer care department is available twenty-four hours a day because we are aware that sudden storms do not always happen during business hours. We service Greensboro and other areas nearby including, Jamestown and High Point. Give us a call or message us today to have our team of experts come to your rescue.

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