For professional stump grinding in Greensboro, call Greensboro Tree Experts. As tree experts, we have the capability of removing any size stump. Also, using cutting-edge equipment, we safely grind all remaining roots below the surface. This ensures any other projects on your property proceed without any hitches.

As a trusted name in the tree services industry, Greensboro Tree Experts is the go-to company when you need the removal of stubborn tree remnants from your property. After tree removal, the unsightly stumps on your property do not enhance curb appeal or property value. In fact, it lowers the beauty of your property.

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Our Stump Grinding Process

Step OneClient makes contact with Greensboro Tree Experts support team

To professionally remove the unsightly tree stump, call Greensboro stump grinding specialists. Once you make that call, our support team will note your details.
They include name, phone number, issue to be handled, the location of the property and other details. This information is then forwarded to Greensboro Tree Experts team.

Step Two – Inspection of the property

On arrival at your property, the team starts inspecting your property. They will begin by counting the number of stumps. If the stumps are more than one, you can enjoy bundled rates. The rates are extended to both residential and commercial property owners. This lessens the overall costs. What you need to know is that to qualify for the bundled rates, the tree stumps need to be removed at the same time.
After counting the number of tree stumps, our experts are going to provide a detailed estimate. Since this is not a one-off project, the detailed estimate gives you a breakdown of other related services.

Step Three – Signing the work agreement

Now that you have reviewed the detailed estimate, it's time to sign the work agreement. This is a contract between you (the client) and Greensboro Tree Experts (the service provider). It authorizes our technicians to be on your property and proceed with work.
Since we are a fully licensed and insured, work-related damages and injuries are not incurred by you. This means you are protected from footing any medical bills and other charges for our employees.

Step Four – Stump removal, grinding and clearing

As the final touch, our technicians will grind the unsightly stump to a certain depth. We use cutting-edge technology to fast-track the process. After grinding, our team is going to clean the excess chips. Later, they will re-sod the area to ensure it matches with the rest of the property.
Now, you are free to develop the property. You don’t have to worry about the unsightly tree stumps anymore.

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Why choose Greensboro stump grinding specialist?

True experts

You can count on Greensboro Tree Experts to get the job done right the first time. As experts, we have the necessary training pertaining to tree care and maintenance. As such, we are well versed with all procedures regarding the safe removal of trees.
Also, we can operate the cutting-edge equipment needed to grind tree stumps to the required depth. By doing so, we fast-track the stump removal process allowing you to proceed with the initial development plans.

Cutting-edge equipment

Stump grinding and removal is not an easy process. Proper tools are needed to ensure grinding of the stump is done to the appropriate level. For this to be possible, we use a stump grinding machine. It is fitted with blades that grind the stump up to the desired level before re-sodding is done.

We do have the option of using chemicals. While the solution is simple, the time taken to dissolve the stump is longer than when using a stump grinding machine. Also, the latter is much safer for the environment.

Using old and outdated equipment will delay the process. Old equipment malfunctions quickly and at times, it may not work at all. To fast track the stump removal process, choose Greensboro stump grinding service.

Licensed and Insured

For high-quality service delivery, we have taken steps to ensure we are in full compliance with the law. By that we mean, Greensboro Tree Experts is licensed to offer stump removal, stump grinding, and related services.
In line with that, we are insured too. As such, any work-related damages or injuries on your property will not be billed to you. Thanks to the insurance cover, our workers are covered and well taken care of.

Fair and honest pricing

We understand there are people out there advertising as experts in stump removal, stump grinding and related services while they are not. They do not have the required training, certification, skills, and experience. Also, they are a one-man operation and so, they do not adhere to the industry standards.

As a homeowner or commercial property owner, we highly advise against working with such individuals. Doing so may cost you a lot. Not only will the so-called expert do more damage on your property but any onsite damage or injuries will be billed to you.

At Greensboro Tree Experts, we provide fair and honest pricing with no hidden charges. All estimates are free and detailed. This is done to give you all the information necessary to make a smart decision.

We Are the Smartest Choice

Greensboro stump grinding specialists have proudly serviced residential and commercial properties within the local community. Over the years, we have accomplished a lot especially when it comes to handling tree-related emergencies, stump removal and grinding. During this time, our experts have completed each job right the first time.
Why go to this length? The #1 goal at Greensboro Tree Experts is to ensure our customers are satisfied with our services. To ensure this continues at all times, our experts strive to understand the problems before embarking on solving them.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact Greensboro Tree Experts for a free quote and get the unsightly stumps off your property.

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