Tree maintenance is the first line of defense against fending off tree disease and harmful insects in trees around your Greensboro home and business. To ensure trees continue growing healthy, we use cutting-edge technology to trim and prune diseased and dead branches. By doing so, we prevent the disease from spreading to other healthy branches. Despite this, healthy trees are still affected by disease and insects.

Some of the harmful insects our experts have identified over the years include:

  • Aphids
  • Bronze birch borer
  • Black vine weevil
  • Emerald ash borer
  • Eastern Tent caterpillar
  • Maple petiole borer
  • Scale
  • Sawflies
  • Spider mites
  • White pine weevil

As the go-to tree disease management experts in Greensboro, we take the threat of harmful insects and diseases very seriously. Our experts are highly trained and experienced in detecting signs of a diseased tree. By taking the appropriate measures early, our experts prevent the spread of harmful insects and diseases to other trees.

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What you need to know is that a vast majority of tree diseases are caused by attacking fungi and other pathogens.

Such diseases include:

Black Knot Disease - the causal agent of this disease is Apiosporina morbosa, a fungus that affects cherry, plum, and other trees. Commonly spread during spring.

Apple Scab - caused by the ascomycete fungus, Venturia inaequalis, the disease manifests as a grey-brown or dull black lesions on tree leaves, fruits, and buds.

Cytospora Canker - caused by a fungal pathogen, the disease attacks conifer species such as Engelmann, Colorado and White spruce.

Oak Wilt - is a fungal disease that affects oak trees. Caused by Bretziella fagacearum, a fungus, it causes leaves to discolor, wilt or die.

Needle Cast - is a common fungal disease that affects the Colorado blue spruce, Black Serbian, Engelmann spruce and Douglas fir among others.

Dutch Elm - caused by the fungi Ascomycota, the disease is spread by elm bark beetles.

Tip Blight - is a common fungal disease affecting stressed conifers. The disease is caused by the Diplodia pinea fungus.

Tar Spots - caused by Rhytisma acerinum, this is a fungal disease that affects maples and sycamores. It commonly appears in late autumn and summer.

Powdery Mildew - is a fungal disease caused by fungi in the order Erysiphales. It slows down plant growth and in some can cases, it can kill the plants.

Each disease and harmful insect is unique and that is why you should contact Greensboro Tree Disease Management experts.

As a licensed and certified tree services company, not only can we diagnose the problem but we provide the treatment to get rid of the harmful insects and diseases. By doing so, we nurse your trees back to health and enhance curb appeal in and around your property.

Our Tree Disease Management Services

Residential Tree Disease Management

As a homeowner, the trees in your property provide you and your family a lot of benefits. First, they provide shade which is beneficial during a hot day. Second, they help to clean airborne particulates from the air thus improving the quality of air around your home.

Third, trees enhance the curb appeal and improve the value of your home. Lastly, they help to remove the amount of stormwater runoff. This reduces pollution in the waterways and soil erosion. Also, it helps to reduce flooding in case of heavy rainfall.

Trees are living organisms and so, they are susceptible to harmful insects and diseases. To keep your green assets healthy, contact Greensboro Tree Experts.

Our residential tree disease management program helps to prevent the spread of tree diseases and harmful insects. As your trusted Greensboro Tree Disease Management experts, we provide you with solutions to help your trees recover quickly.

Commercial Tree Disease Management

Trees help to increase business traffic. According to experts, customers are more likely to visit a business with attractive landscaping that includes trees. This translates to more sales and increased revenue for the business as customers tend to spend more.

Apart from increased revenue, trees help you save money on soil replacement and air conditioning. If placed strategically around your commercial property, trees cut air conditioning costs by more than 50% especially during the hot months of summer.
Also, they help to reduce water costs. How? By reducing the rate of evaporation. As a result, you don’t have to keep watering your lawn.

Diseases and harmful insects attack the natural immune system of trees shortening their life. By choosing Greensboro Tree Disease Management experts, not only do we diagnose the problem but we prevent further damage to your trees. If left untreated, diseases such as oak wilt and pests such as the Eastern Tent caterpillar can impair your entire tree population.

For professional tree disease management services, contact Greensboro Tree Experts.

Our Tree Disease Management Process

At Greensboro Tree Experts, our strategy has always been proactive with an emphasis on tree health. To achieve this, we implement a multi-dimensional tree and health management strategy to protect your trees.

Here is a three-step process that includes specific treatments for every problem.

Step One - Diagnosing the Problems

Trees are susceptible to harmful insects and diseases. Other environmental factors that affect the immune system of your trees include:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Poor growing conditions
  • Mechanical injury

The above factors and more increase the stress levels in your trees. As a result, they become more susceptible to harmful insects and diseases.

At your home or business, our experts begin by diagnosing the tree problems. Cutting-edge equipment may be used to fast-track the process and provide conclusive results. For instance, a thermometer, beating tray or pheromone trap. Sampling techniques are also used.

Step Two - Develop a Tree Disease and Pest Management Program

From the results obtained in Step One, our arborists use their extensive knowledge to develop a suitable disease and pest management solution. Our approach is environmentally friendly. As trained professionals, our disease and pest management solution focuses on enhancing the health of your trees.

A few solutions that our experts adopt include deep root fertilizing, trimming and pruning. Other measures include tree spraying where biocides are used as well as trunk injections. This is done to control insects.

What you need to know is that our experts use only the recommended amount of chemicals and no more. By using natural control methods, we help to minimize the use of pesticides.

Step Three - Monitoring

Monitoring is a crucial component of the tree disease and pest management program. It helps to ensure that the treatment methods implemented are effective. During this process, Greensboro Tree Disease Management experts evaluate the trees. This process is done regularly and consistently to prevent further infestation.

Why Choose Greensboro Tree Experts?

Licensed and Insured

As a locally owned and operated tree care services company, we are licensed and so, we adhere to all laws. By doing so, we continue to provide timely services to the local community.

To protect our clients from liability, we have liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. In case of injuries at the workplace, you are not liable.

Well Equipped

Tree care is an extensive process that not only requires an expert to be knowledgeable and experienced but well equipped too. While identifying harmful insects can be done through observation, identifying tree diseases is another thing.

This calls for the use of specialized equipment. The equipment allows our experts to take samples and test it to find out what is affecting the tree(s). Also, they have safety equipment to protect them from the insects and fungi.

At Greensboro Tree Experts, we provide timely and high-quality customer and tree care services. Thanks to our commitment to environmentally safe practices, we help to enhance the health of your trees and the landscape.

Want to maintain the health of your green assets?

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