Greensboro Tree Experts are your trusted Greensboro tree removal experts near you! As a locally owned and operated tree care company, we are dedicated to providing you with the finest tree services in town. Also, we are a team of highly qualified and experienced tree technicians dedicated to providing timely services to the city and the surrounding communities. As such, we ensure that all your tree care needs are met with utmost satisfaction.

Trees are living organisms that need total care just like the rest of the living organisms. From trimming to tree removal, our team of experienced arborists gets the job done right the first time.

At Greensboro Tree Experts, we understand that the answer to keeping your landscape looking beautiful and luscious is through total tree care.

As you already know, trees have a lot of benefits in and around your property. For starters, they provide shade to you and your family. Second, they enhance curb appeal which in turn improves the value of your property. Third, they improve the air quality around your home. How? By intercepting airborne particulates and reducing smog. As a result, your family is not at risk of respiratory problems. Lastly, they create an ecosystem that provides a home to birds, squirrels, and other animals.

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Why Should You Have Your Trees Removed?


The Tree is Dead

Trees are living organisms and as such, they eventually die. There are several reasons why trees die. The first factor that may cause a tree to die is a disease. Common diseases that kill trees include root rot and wilting.

Pathogens invade the trees via roots, bark wounds and leaves. If not treated, the pathogens damage the tree's vascular system leading to its death. Another factor is harmful insects. They invade trees and cause diseases leading to the tree defoliating.

The Tree is Old

With proper tree care, trees can live for long and beat the odds. When they attain old age, they begin to die slowly. Due to old age, the ability of the tree to support life diminishes. In its weak state, the tree can cause damage especially in the presence of weather elements such as strong winds. For starters, it may fall on your house. Also, it may fall on your family members as they play or relax under the tree.

The Tree is Growing Close to Your Home

If the tree is growing close to your home, close to the utility lines or another building on your property, then it has to be removed. Roots encroaching on your home or other structures can cause damage to the foundation and basement. In case of heavy rainfall, it can lead to flooding and even the complete technicians of your home.

The Tree is Leaning Dangerously

As a tree grows, you may see the trunk curving. The reason for this is that the tree is growing towards the sunlight. As a plant, trees depend on sunlight to make food. technicians, the root system will adapt.

A curved tree is not only a danger to you and your family but a security risk. If the top branches are leaning towards the upper floor, it makes it easy for intruders to access your home.

The Tree is Blocking Your View

As much as you love trees on your property, if they are blocking your view, you may need to have them removed by Greensboro tree removal experts. If the trees are also creating too much shade or they inhibit the proper growth of your lawn, you need to have them removed.

Other signs that indicate your trees need to be removed include:

  • Mushrooms are growing at the base of the tree
  • Cracks in the trunk and peeling bark
  • Hanging or dead branches

For professional tree removal services, call Greensboro Tree Expert. Not only are we trained and experienced but we use cutting-edge technology to remove trees and ensure no damage occurs on your home.

Our Tree Removal Process

As the go-to Greensboro tree removal experts, we have curated a five-step process to ensure efficient tree removal from your property.

Step One - Assessing the Tree

The first step our technicians will take is to assess the tree(s) to be removed. Is the tree diseased, dead or old? Once they have identified the real reason for removing the tree, they begin to clear the area. By doing so, they ensure enough room is available around the tree for it to lay down flat on the ground. To do so, our trained and experienced tree experts use cutting-edge equipment to estimate the height of the tree. These measurements are used to estimate the area to be occupied by the tree on the ground.

Step Two - Selecting Another Route

If the tree is old or leaning naturally, determining the direction it should fall is easy. In case the tree is decayed, collapsing is easy and the tree may not fall where it is intended.

To ensure no damage occurs to the house, cars or any other structure, our tree removal experts always select an escape route or two. For this to be possible, our experts clear a path or two in the other direction. These areas must be free of any obstacles.

Step Three - Set Up the Equipment

At Greensboro Tree Experts, we have the skill and knowledge on how to remove trees from your property safely. To ensure no damage occurs on your property and other structures, we have invested in cutting-edge equipment.

They include ground saw, climbing saw, wood chipper, chipper trucks, stump grinder, tree climbing spikes, log loaders, and a hydraulic truck crane. This equipment allows the safe removal of trees from your property without dropping them on your lawn or other structures. Also, they ensure the safe removal of debris from your property.

Step Four - Cutting Down the Tree

From our earlier assessment, we have determined the size and trunk diameter of the tree. Larger trees require specialized equipment and that is why we use a gas powered chainsaw. Our tree removal experts start by making an undercut.

The undercut is V-shaped at a 45-degree angle. To ensure the tree falls in the predetermined direction, our experts ensure the undercut is a quarter of the diameter.

Next, our experts make a back cut on the opposite side. To achieve this, our experts cut two inches above the undercut. This helps to release the stress on the trunk.

Step Five - Felling the Tree and Clearing the Debris

Using a hydraulic truck crane, we safely remove the tree from your property and prevent damage to surrounding structures. Using a ground saw, our experts begin by cutting the tree branches and trunk into small pieces. The branches are fed into the wood chipper while the log loader is used to haul the logs onto a truck. Next, we use the stump grinding machine to grind the stump and re-sod the area. By doing so, we leave the area looking better without the unsightly stump.

As an experienced tree removal company, Greensboro Tree Experts is dedicated to the safety of its clients, its employees and the public. To ensure professional tree removal services, all our climbing technicians and groundsmen have received professional training in safe work practices. That is not all.

We have been in this business for a long time and we understand all the situations and hazards.

Want to keep your home surrounded by beautiful and healthy trees?

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