By focusing on removing the low hanging growth and diseased tree limbs, our Greensboro tree trimming specialists ensure strong growth and natural beauty. This improves curb appeal which increases the value of your property.
At Greensboro Tree Experts, we understand that trees have multiple benefits. They include social, environmental, communal and economic. To ensure people continue enjoying these benefits, trees require regular maintenance. Tree maintenance is centered on expert pruning and trimming.

Why Trim Your Trees?

As experts, we trim trees around your home or business to ensure continued growth. Also, we help to minimize risks associated with power outages. This happens when diseased tree limbs or low hanging growths fall on power lines. If this were to happen as you drive or walk beneath the tree, it can lead to serious injuries.

Another common hazard that homeowners face especially if their homes are close to trees is damage during storms and high winds. Weakened limbs break off from the tree and end up damaging your roof, your gutter system or windows. In such a case, another problem will arise – roof leak. This leads to flooding in your home in case of heavy rainfall. As a result, the standing water will promote mold growth. This presents a danger to you and your family’s health.

Apart from damage to your home, dead limbs can fall on your car and family members playing around the yard. Also, tree branches can pose a security threat to your home. If you have any tree branches close to the upper floor windows, call Greensboro Tree Experts. Our tree care professionals have the necessary training and experience to safely trim tree branches posing as a security threat to your home.

At Greensboro Tree Experts, we are a reliable tree services company that goes over and above to ensure our customers are satisfied. We adhere to industry standards and can customize our service packages to suit your residential and commercial needs.  

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Our Services  

Residential Tree Trimming

Trees are living organisms. As such, they need proper maintenance to continue growing and providing shade to you and your family. If your trees are not properly maintained, not only will they cause damage to your Greensboro home but they will die.

Greensboro tree trimming specialists are dedicated to keeping trees around homes healthy. This helps to enhance curb appeal as well as improve the value of the property. As experts, we service houses, open lots, condos and estates.

Commercial Tree Trimming in Greensboro

Our commercial tree trimming specialists are dedicated to maintaining your trees and keeping your Greensboro business safe. Trees have tons of benefits but they can be destructive too. Their destructiveness is promoted by weather elements such as strong winds and storms. In such a case, diseased or dead tree branches may fall on cars parked outside the commercial building. Alternatively, they may fall on employees resting and relaxing beneath them.  

By choosing Greensboro Tree Experts, we minimize damage to your commercial property and those of your occupants.   

We service:

  • industrial parks
  • golf courses
  • malls
  • hotels
  • schools
  • and more  

Why Choose Greensboro Tree Experts?  

Certified and Qualified Tree Experts

As a homeowner or commercial property owner, proper tree care is an important pre-requisite. Apart from ensuring the continued growth of the trees, it enhances curb appeal. If you have been looking for an affordable way to improve the value of your property. Tree trimming and related services are a sure bet.

At Greensboro Tree Experts, we are certified and qualified arborists with several years of experience. Not only are we knowledgeable in the art and science of planting and caring for trees. We understand the intricacies involved in maintaining trees.

As you probably know, trimming trees is dangerous so we highly advise against doing it yourself.   

State of the Art Power Tools

Although tree trimming equipment is readily available in the market, not everyone can climb and trim a tree. You need the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure safe tree trimming. Greensboro tree trimming specialists have cutting edge tree trimming equipment.

As such, we get the job done right the first time. To ensure no injuries occur during work, our tree trimming experts have the necessary safety gear. From safety goggles to coveralls, work boots, safety harness, and hard hats, we have invested in them all. As a result, no injuries will occur at your home or business.   

Companies with outdated tree trimming tools are a danger to you and to their workers. Also, the old equipment can cause a lot of delays at the site. There are times when the equipment starts only to malfunction after a short while. This can cause delays and even accidents.   

For reliable and high-quality tree services, contact Greensboro Tree Experts or, request a quote.  

Licensed and Insured   

As a company with a solid track record, we have ensured that both our business license and certificate of insurance are up to date. By doing so, our business is in compliance with the law and industry standards. These documents are very important. Should something go wrong at the job site, it helps to ensure that customers are not liable for injuries or damage. This may happen as a result of an accident which does not occur very often but it helps to stay protected.   

Honest and Reliable  

As a property owner with a home or commercial building surrounded by trees, it is wise to hire tree trimming professionals who are honest and reliable. As such, the work done will be of high quality and so, no need to repeat the task.  

Before starting any work at your home or commercial property, we provide a detailed and itemized estimate. The reason for doing so is that we know tree trimming is not a one-time project. Something like tree trimming may also require pruning, pest management and consultation among other services.  

By breaking down the estimate, you can compare between Greensboro Tree Experts and our competitors. Remember, the lowest bid is not always the best choice. Yes, you might think that you are saving but the job done could turn out to be expensive. How? You may have to call our experts to re-do the job that other contractors failed the first time.    

24-Hour Emergency Tree Service   

While our specialty is in residential and commercial tree trimming, we also specialize in emergency services. To handle all emergencies, Greensboro Tree Experts has invested in state-of-the-art equipment that includes specialized cranes and power tools.  

With these, our experts are able to handle any emergency they are called upon. Whether a dead or diseased tree branch is about to fall on power lines or a roof, our experts can handle it. To ensure no injuries occur, our experts respond within the hour after making contact with our support team.  


Are your trees exhibiting the following signs?   

Tree limbs are rubbing your windows, gutters, and roofs  

Low hanging branches make it difficult to mow or rest beneath the tree  

Tree limbs are crossing each other  

Trees are leaking a sticky sap-like substance  

Presence of holes on the trees due to insect activity  

Then, contact Greensboro tree trimming specialists immediately! All the signs above indicate your trees are in need of trimming now. If trimming is not done, you, your family, your home and business could be in danger.  

To save yourself the heartache of watching your home or business being destroyed contact Greensboro Tree Experts Today! 

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